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Gordon's Productions has all the necessary factory certifications to assure our customers that you can rely on us to operate at the highest possible quality control levels.

We do not charge our customers any extra cost on our products for our factory certifications - it is more a reassurance of the levels we go to ensure our products are always correct when delivered.
  • ISO9001 - our Quality Control Department issues Work Tickets for all production and will maintain and verify your agreed technical specifications and standards, as well as having a Batch number shown on all products for full traceability.
  • 4 Pillar Smeta Certified - our Best Practices Guide shows that we adhere to the 4 Pillars - Health and Safety, Labour Standards, Environment and Business Ethics. We are also a member of SEDEX - the worldwide leaders in ensuring responsible supply chains.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Certifications - we are certified in the following for the Health and Safety of all our staff - Ventilation, Hazardous Chemicals, Light and Noise.
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